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April 2008

Print advertisment created by Ogilvy, Singapore for Lorgan's, within the category: House, Garden.

Lorgan's The Retro Store. Everything from the 60s. Well, almost.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Singapore
Creative Director: Eric Yeo
Art Director: Kat Tan
Copywriters: Serene Loong, Elwin Chan
Illustrators: Eric Foenander, Fedtrick Chua
Photographer: Kenneth Wong
Typographers: Kat Tan, Pok Ching Hai
Digital Imaging: Nelson Yu
Account Servicing: Shirley Tay

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the Pun-isher
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I don't get this supposed to mean that you get the furniture without the "free love" or something.....hmmmm

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Is it about to show that on 60's there was not hard sex or something ? And you can buy everything and use it like you want nowadays ?

I need to say that I love colors on those ads!

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It says you can find almost everything from the 60s at this store.

You can find the furniture, but not the free-loving hippies.

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I agree.

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God help us!!!

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Javi Ending
Activity Score 130

I like the concept because the sex here serves as attention-getting bait

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very good.

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This is a rip off of a photographer who whited out pornstars from 60s porno films to show the aesthetics of the 60s rooms.

acid's picture
Activity Score 12

I can't seem to get past the sex. This ad doesn;t work for me, it's pretty, but is it practical.

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Activity Score 509

Wow that's a surprise, another 'borrowed' idea with todd's name on it.

mikepants2005's picture
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This idea has been taken from an artist called Von Brandis:

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The ambiance is very much 60's ... but like I said previously, the sex symbolism killed the whole ad thing.

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I like this position more thank you. LOL

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I recently discovered this campaign on here. There's really nothing odd or perverse about it. The 60's were known as the era of "sexual revolution". It was a time when gay men began to come out of the closet (hence, we do have a male couple in one of the ads), casual sex was on the rise (hence one of the ads shows group sex), women began to take control of their sexuality, etc. This is history; it's not something the agency invented or exaggerated.

I've always said that before you judge an ad, you should try to understand it (it may be helpful to do some research). That being said, I too think that this campaign is risky, and may potentially alienate some consumers. Open minded people (especially young adults) would appreciate it! I personally think that it's great.

Finally, even the typography here is reflective of the 60's; it's psychedelic.

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Activity Score 428

Nice colors, Have to say that visual just locked me in from the start.

The target group might not respond in the best way.

The campaign is light hearted but it borders on controversial.

But its different from the usual stuff in the category, well done on that.

P.S atb2005 thanks for the insight, was very helpful.

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