Long's: Close encounters, 1

Most of the ads for the horseradish are very traditional and conventional. Therefore, we attempted to provide an unexpected pleasure to enable customers to remember our ad. We parodied Steven Spielberg's film, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," with a plot that Alien from Long's planet came to meet animals, vegetables, and fishes of the Earth. By making a transition from the previous perception of adding horseradish to supplement foods, we added foods to the horseradish instead in order to heighten the value of the horseradish.

Advertising Agency: When Gee, Seoul, South Korea
Creative Director: Tai-il, Lee
Art Directors: Jeong -gon, Kang, Mi-sun, Kim
Designer: Seong-kuk, Jeon
Copywriter: Jong-hwan, Choi

February 2009


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This don't make any sense to me. There is a good chance I'm not smart enough, but I haven't a clue.

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Too many messages and twists going on at once. If you need a paragraph just to explain the ad then the message is not clear. Even their explanation is twisted. You get what they wanted to portray but it's too abstract.

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These are HORRIBLE. I'm wondering how they even made it onto ads of the world. ok it's a parody ad but what's the message???

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CD and AD are you checking your visual? at least put more effort on creative a nice picture. will be better?

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i think it will be better if dont have any copy

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Although Idea is not completely bad, as they have given rational. But I think art could not have justified it. Well they could have executed the same Idea in different way, perhaps it could have saved the ad.

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is this a joke?

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?? me not understand asian humor. what does this have to do with horseradish??

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This client was for the ONE SHOW college competition 09,
and as far as i know, it didn't even get the merit :p
Sucks to those students that pretending they are Pro.
And please stop pretending you guys are Pro.

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Emran Hayat
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When Gee is looking for CD/AD u must apply NOW :P

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