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Mr. Loncin comes walking in the office and says;
hey guys, would it be possible to advertise my great high power water pumps in any way?
Well, let's see mr. Loncin.
Mhmmm, It looks rather difficult but I'm sure we can work something out.
We're a real smart agency, you know...

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god... these ads make absolutely NO SENSE!!! i mean, the base is FLOOD!

and, BTW, in case of floods isn't it the firefighter's job to get the water out...? who's their target group...? or am i just not getting something...?

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Frane Rectal

guys, please think before you post a comment.
@funny: don't know who you are, but you're NOT funny.
@p.syche: er... yeah? so? do you think firefighters produce their own water pumps?
these pumps pumped down the water in a split second. just as easy as that.
anyway, lame ad.

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come on, don't be mean...!
i DO think before i post.
and i DID ask if i was not getting something. am i allowed to not understand "what the author wanted to say"???

gimme a break...

and if their target group is, in fact, consituted of firefighter - why make the ad? i assume the firefighters buy their equipment based on researches on the quality of different products and on their price. they're not going to spend a lot of money because the ad was funny or whatever.

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I kinda like 'em.

But then, I got them, whereas those other 2 guys clearly didn't.

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if there was a flood, wherever was the water pumped to?

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You're right, but that's not the point. The idea is to show the power of the pump and not to create a perfectly believable documentation of a flood rescue operation.

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Guest star

have a guess, einstein.

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I like these a lot. I don't understand why people think this is lame. There are a lot of harsh people commenting here.
The only thing I would have to say is that I think they maybe could have found a better shot for this one, or the boat should be centered more. The blank space behind it bothers me, and it's over all a bit gloomy.

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art direction could've been much better...

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agree with Stigset.
dauntless – Your comment is not credible, imho art direction is very proper.
Good ad.

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I like this campaign very much as well. This is the kind of imagery that you carry with you.

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bad photoshop. and in terms of art direction, all the elements are blending together. There are no distinguishing features.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I agree about the lousy photoshop. I don't mean to sound harsh, but is it supposed to look like a video game?

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Don't get it these at all.

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