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147 pencils

Love the execution, was confused about the concept, until I checked out the website… It's for a vechile tracking system… Enlightenment

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Great execution. I love it!

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Nicely art directed except this idea has been before. It was done 10 years ago for the Flora London Marathon where we see someone dressed as a matchstick chasing someone dressed as a bomb. Also a cheese grater chasing a block of cheese. Check out the old D&AD annuals.

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360 grados
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Great art direction.
Excelente dirección de arte, muy bien por Leo, bien por los brasileros.

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ernesto p
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está muy bueno!!!

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was so long time I don't seen this tipe of job. Congratulations

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360 grados...Brasileros? Pone Leo Burnett Colombia...

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Muy bueno, diferente y fresco, no vi nada parecido en el mercado colombiano y especialmente en el rubro, congrats!

El que sabe, sabe arte. El que no, es redactor.

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This campaign was amazing! It was a shame they didn't get a lion for that.

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