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good work! cool yeah

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Makes me feel really sad inside.

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new age advertiser

nothing outstandingly creative, but good solid n sincere work!
besides, neat art!

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Sad. Really sad. But if it raises awareness, it did what it is supposed to do.

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trés Roussel

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Ahhh... I think these adverts were nice. But, uhhh... Which avderts were they?

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Compelling and graceful thinking. Lovely work.

>>>> Go Power >>>>

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Yeah I dig these too, though I think the line is a little weak (which could be the translation?)

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Man...this one is one of the best campaigns which has recently appeared here on this site. Simple, extremely powerful and very direct to the point. Makes you think......

Good work Satchi.

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Sandeep Sinnarkar

What is being said is being said brilliantly. But to whom, why and what is to be achieved through it! The answers I guess wouldn't make it such a brilliant advertising idea.

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Your Uncle in a...

Love it. Great idea for a complex disease, which there are no cure for.

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Lovely - right on message and very sad. Powerful stuff.

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Surly creative ...
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I can't remember the last time I saw a good Alzheimers Ad.
Count it bitches!

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very "early 90s". kinda okay. i hate the composition in this picture though

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