LKXA Youth Bank: Queen

So many privileges may go to your head. LKXA Youth Bank

Advertising Agency: Caldas Naya, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Director / Copywriter: Gustavo Caldas
Art Director: Mireia Puig
Photographer: Diver Aguilar, London
Account Director: Fabiana Casañas
Client supervisor: Oscar Ordóñez
Published: May 2008


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Jessica Faye
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Hey there

I'm a grad art director at the AAA School of Advertising in Cape Town, South Africa.. I'd love to intern at an agency in Perth, Australia in January 2009. Does anyone have a cousin, who has an uncle, who has a neighbour, who happens to work in an ad agency and is willing to give me a shot for a few weeks...

Thanks, chow :)

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perfect photography very solid concept

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This is really beautiful. Pity it's one layout – should be campaign.

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Does anybody know what this means?
Obviously a privileged youth – but what's with the smok'n guitar ...

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That guitar needs a bit more work on the shadows... the rest is impeccable.


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The smallest logo of the world history.

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Beautiful ads and photography. Cool.

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her debt will be a king's ransom.

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