Lizzie Design: Revolution

There are revolutions that knocked down walls, This one covers them. New collections of wallpapers in Lizzie.

Advertising Agency: La diez, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Directors: Pablo Alvarez, Guillermo Varela
Art Directors: Pablo Alvarez, Javier Venerio, Guillermo Varela, Natalia Maag, Miguel Corte
Copywriters: Pablo Alvarez, Samuel Liberman, German Kropman
Ilustration: Javier Venerio
Published: March 2010


TommyO's picture
1866 pencils

Great copy on all ads of this campaign.

Prof's picture
1453 pencils

copies are really good, art not so much

Quite really.

jackblack's picture
2328 pencils

Not bad.

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