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hahahahaaa interesting. just have to be careful, some garden plants are poisonous!

Bas's picture

Doesnt give a happy feeling these adds. cold.

tatu's picture

who buys salad sauce???
will they understand???

we might be used to these new style of advertising, but buyers no.
advertising is to sell, not to win prizes.

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Indeed, I don't understand what this campaign is about

nuttin2kare's picture
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I really dun understand whats this ads about T_T

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I don't get it, either. The greens have run away? They've been eaten? I seem to be missing something that's glaringly obvious.

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You got it there, the leaves have been eaten. The bottle of salad dressing is there.

teenie's picture
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The whole thing is so bleak, it feels like winter - when there aren't any leaves around, any way. I like the idea, but the execution is confusing.

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Agree, maybe it should be in summer

CND's picture

the dressing is so good that someone has eaten all the leaves off the tree to use up the dressing....

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the dressing is so good that someone has eaten all the leaves off the tree to use up the dressing....

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nice campaign.

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There is something a little "Trying-hard-but-not quite-there" feeling about this ad. Personally... the copy "Making greens great" is not the best line for it. Not bad as a concept, but the look n feel along with the copy makes it a bit bland, which is not so good for a salad dressing ad.

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I wouldn't have gotten the concept without the hints. It looks as if someone abandoned the salad dressing.

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Well, I'm the TA of salad dressings & caught the IDEA immediately. That's astonishingly GREAT!!!!

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