Livingroom Communication: Johnny Playa

Brands live in an era where the conversation is constantly evolving. And the consumer is controlling the megaphone. Consider this carefully then. Should your brand still be speaking in cavemanic? Or pursuing a near extinction thought process? Frankly we don't think so. That's why we believe in not being another dinosaur. We are led by talent. Motivated by honesty. Fascinated by new technology. Obsessed with the conversation. And don't believe in waiting for the future but rather creating it. We live so that brands can. Let's live. Livingroom

Self promotion campaign for Livingroom Communication that invites potential clients to engage in intelligent conversation with the agency and its consumers with the purpose of bringing brands to life.

Advertising Agency: Livingroom Communication, UAE
Creative Director: Martino O’Brien, Mansoor A. Bhatti
Art Director: Nisreen Shahin, Mansoor A. Bhatti
Copywriter: Martino O’Brien
Executive Producer: Roger Kanakri
Planner: Brenda Kasser
Photographer: Mansoor A. Bhatti
Retoucher: Faiz Dero, Nisreen Shahin

February 2012


digifool's picture
263 pencils

Good God. Not the 'we're not another dinosaur' speech. That's what the dinosaurs say. And if you're so fascinated with technology why are you doing print ads.

Also the ad itself makes no sense.

Nilz's picture
25 pencils

if there is one thing I hate is people drawn by media more than a concept.

MicheleVirgilio's picture
2617 pencils

nice idea. Not the best but nice

kleenex's picture
41128 pencils

not a bad idea, but I am not feeling all the ads.

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