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old design.

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seen the creative million times

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I gotta tell ya. This sight really pisses me off sometimes. Is this Gold Cannes? Of course not. Has it been done before? Yes. But you know what? Unlike most ads on this sight, it's probably for a real client. Care was taken on the composition. It's aesthetically pleasing. The color pallet's nice.

Why y'all such haters? Perhaps this is the only time you get to trash other people's work. Because perhaps, your work sucks ass.

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not crazy about the type setting but I like it. Prefer the blue one more, though.

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luuurve it. nice :)
- T.J. Mapel

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Love you, guest commentator (comment # 3), some people here think they're the Cannes jury and have seen everything on earth alredy.

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very nice and eye pleasing. you feel the comfort. good job i think.

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not every piece of advertising should be new or total fresh.
only 10 or 15 ads in the year can do that.
but still i like the ad . we all did much much over done ideas.
at least this looks nice.

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Agreed, nice...

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I like the execution even if it's been done before. And yeah I agree that people here are so hostile sometimes, got beaten on the idea or just wishing that they could have been the ones who did it.

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pero cómo, otra vez lo mismo.....??

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Nice Art Direcction!!

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