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961 pencils

Superb work. I really like it . i am sure it will be work

Live with Passion

African_Matt's picture
48 pencils

Wow what a piece of copy!


Guest's picture

N i second u African_Matt......it truly is the soul of the ad !!

tirthomitro's picture
2758 pencils

long copy ad after a long time.
but i guess that the writer is on a staple diet of Amit Chowdhury, Upamanyu & the likes.
so, while the headline pushes you to read into the copy that follows, which, after a few lines become increasingly pompous... annoyingly preachy!
which in turn fails to tighten the grip on the reader... who skips and goes to the end.
the cognitive dissonance dips shortly after it surges up with a lot of promise!


they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

Guest's picture

well i beg to differ... the copy actually compels to read on ..... moreover hop skipping to the end is a mere tendency with most impatient readers when it comes to long copy driven ads....cant be helped :)

Guest's picture

I love the art direction. The headlines are not bad. But I'm afraid I cannot agree about the copy being brilliant.

It takes an awfully long time to reach any sort of point, yet alone a call to action. It confuses pomposity and wordiness with eloquence. And there is a glaring lack of punctuation in the very first sentence. There should be a comma after 'nails'.

Guest's picture

can't decide which one's better. This, or the previous.

pinksam's picture
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very nice... daroon.. Arjun & deep. - piyash

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Third line, third para, second page. 'Their' is spelled as 'Ther'. Unfortunate and I'm sure, unintentional typo in an otherwise fantastic piece of work.

Hayden Scott's picture
Hayden Scott
3 pencils

Unfortunate and I'm sure, unintentional typo on the third paragraph of the second page. An unnecessary blemish on an otherwise fantastic piece of work. :)

patUDAY's picture
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Very good ads. Cheers!

UDAYpatwardhan@+91 22 98206 54722

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I have to agree with--- " It takes an awfully long time to reach any sort of point, yet alone a call to action." But you know I really admire the brave copywriter who sent his work to a public platform where people are quite brutal in their assessment. To the copywriter I'd say "please write some more ads like this; I liked the second ad better. Also after a bitter day at work where I wanted to run away, this ad reminds me of what made me excited about advertising when I first joined the industry. So thanks.

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Prediction. This ad will do very well in Indian shows, but gain nothing internationally.

Judging from the comments above, the very flowery, somewhat romantic writing style, reminiscent of C19 literature, seems to appeal strongly to the Indian sensibility. But it can seem somewhat overblown in other English-speaking markets.

Just my opinion of course. And more power to you. Writing to your market is never a bad idea. So well done.

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Great for the Indian Education system. Spread it all over India.
Jayesh Ghadiali

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If they are going to write a narrative, at least make the writing good... "oh yeah! the books"

Guest's picture

Arjun - great copy as usual - you are raising the bar so high I am getting a bloody crick in the neck :-) And Diptanshu has excelled himself as usual. One of those wish-I-had-done-it ads!


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Guys! The copy is melodious! That is to say the least!

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this is the real situation in India.....this shows it all

Rival2000's picture
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Great copywriting. typos could've been avoided. Just shows that there was hardly any time for proofreading. It's always a good practice to have your copy read by as many different people as possible before finailizing. One who writes will never detect the mistakes. A good copy such as this one is like an impecably clean floor - the smallest of speck will get noticed. Well Done !

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Great start, the art direction is very sloppy though. Poor leading and a low res book image really kill the look of this ad. Next time, actually make the book. Print on old paper, or new paper which you then weather. Take a photo of the document. When an ad is for a cause as authentic as this, it deserves to look authentic.

Sidenote: "Burger dripping with mayonnaise" made me cringe beyond belief.

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