Listerine: Titanic

No one follows bad breath.
Which is why you need Listerine. It fights germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gum problems.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Ram Jayaraman
Art Director: Abey Thomas Joy
Copywriter: Karan Parmar
Illustrator: Nilesh Naik
Published: December 2011


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forced... not working... sorry fellas

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I can sees where they are trying to go with this... but agree with most of the comments that it just does not quite work.

I think part of the reason is that it is not very "clever" and is a bit forced, versus some of the more intriguing and engaging ideas. Maybe something that people can relate to more?

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far far away from the benefit of the product...

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Classic case of attention (humor) vs. USPs.


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illustrations are good but ad is not so powerfull

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first of all, no one FOLLOWS bad breath didnt click! it feels weird.. besides i find the idea good but the example a little sad.

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Nope, it's not a logical argument.

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Uff... Daya haath tedha karke baya kaan pakadnewala concept hai.

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I like the illustrations.

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The problem is you could adapt this idea to virtually any product.

Example: 'No-one listens to a smelly guy. Use xxx deoderant.'


No-one listtens to a guy who doesn't wear underwear. Wear this underwear.'

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i prefer the chewing gum

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Where is the idea
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No one follows bad breath???

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mitali prasad
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what? what does it mean? doesn't makew sense guys,,,,,,noone follows bad breath....

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hard work, nice draw, with wrong product

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i liked it. a different way of expressing bad breath.

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