Listerine: Burger

What will your mouth go through today?

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Director: Dominick Lynch-Robinson
Art Directors: Andy Smith, Ryan Lawson
Copywriters: Ryan Lawson, Andy Smith
Planner: Bernard Walsh
Account Manager: Harriet Knight
Account Supervisor: Alex Walker
Art Buyer: Sue Clifford
Photographer: Kevin Summers
Typographer: Casa Hamid

July 2011


pierrelastname's picture
2869 pencils

i can't believe this was on cannes...

pez's picture
1802 pencils

I can't believe this WON a lion on cannes... so sad...

sirvan's picture
29860 pencils

How many of these will it take until people realize what a terrible, terrible show Cannes is?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

Jupiter's picture
547 pencils

concept: pass
Execution: need improvements

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

Love the thought. Lose the line.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

cognitive's picture
167 pencils

It's good. Who puts a phone in their mouth?

Helmet Chrome's picture
Helmet Chrome
260 pencils

Sirvan has it bang on.

GonzoGoesToBitgurg's picture
114 pencils

I don't undestand how can a cell phone give you bad breath. Or even bacteries. I just don't get it

It looks dead. It smells dead. Yet it's moving around... That's interesting.

Libertyed's picture
30 pencils

The poor Burger?

dimazdim's picture
12 pencils

too simple

advertising ninja's picture
advertising ninja
609 pencils

its ok but this looks like student work...did this really win in cannes? is thats such a strong idea?
so many little time.

mindbox-productions's picture
2 pencils

This is an impactful image, it makes me want to go wash my mouth out and I just brushed my teeth☺

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