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OH, sorry guys, you´d think it´s personal.
but tell me (again) WHAT IS THE POSITIVE???????

you can´t blame your product...
oh my god!

these chilean people... you´d better be militar like your father pinochet
(yes, now is personal, sorry, but the more I see this ads, the more my anger increases)

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Fair enough...the ads are not the best and i do see few problems as well. Just like you.
But mate, the idea of websitess like this one is to criticized constructively. There's a reason why we like it, and i guess we all like to watch good advertising, isn't it? Good and honest critics -no matter how harsh it is- always helps for better changes! Simple. But son, from there to come out with stupid and silly statements like the one of Pinochet and our military lifes (yes I'm chilean!)... it just shows your poor attitude and level. Why you don't take all your wanking comments and meet your idiots-pals on youtube or something like that! Useless!

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You should reiterate that the copy states: "In the final season of Lost, _____ died." Copy works better in Spanish, not so much in English (you'd have a gap).

The ad's simple, but works a bit... Not the best.

**edited with a comma for grammar**

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federo, are you down today??

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muere sawyer, estoi seguro

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creativity agency..any website?..please

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Creativity Agency
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We are working on it!
More news soon.
Thanks for your support

Creativity Agency

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me encanta creativity chile, son tan ingeniosos en sus publicidades.

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chaqutero 2.0, did you have a childhood??

carry on Creativity!!

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En los tres anuncios la misma mancha...?

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