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yeah. she looks more like an abused housewife. took me a while to "get it".

i think that the tone of the photo is so somber that the humor of what's happened to her doesn't come through at all.

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she's cute

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Agree with muffin. The bird one was more interesting, done by a Thai/Singapore agency ( maybe leoburnet ). This idea has been done in a far better way.

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I haven't seen the bird one.
I like these. The look on their faces is spot on. Stunned mullets.. annoyed that they/someone else didn't clean the windows, but can't be too angry as they should have been more careful. Ruefully wishing they had windex.

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what do you mean by " annoyed that they/someone else didn't clean the windows ".... huh? The windows were so clean ...... :-O

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Can't get good help these days. Haven't they been smashed in the face by the owner of the house for not doing a decent cleaning job??? Should've used Windex!

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Jonny Lonestar
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Windows so clean, your husband will stop beating you.

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please.. nose is okay,under eye can pass but
how excatly do u un into glass with your lips- head-on.
fore-head should've been ideal

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ohh man, am gettin sick of this concepts! everybody doing same thing damm idea!

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I agree with you murthy... Boring.

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done before.. 1 step ahead ..bird has broken his neck..

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