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Luz Valdez
Activity Score 64

Congratulations ....

thirty6chambers's picture
Activity Score 1464

that's cool but is the mega coffee cups really that big there?

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Activity Score 364

The idea works, it´s not THE IDEA, but do the job, the picture can be a lot better.

Jonathan Betancur

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Activity Score 658

There is nothing to give the impressions of scale except the lipstick. It looks like a small person has left those mark. Certain other props to show how big the cup is might have worked better.

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Activity Score 8

thats nice picture. its like a small person has left those mark. but if the cup was big , thats good

gaura's picture
Activity Score 19

doesnt work for me.
it feels as if a small person has left that mark

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Activity Score 1368

good concept, badly shot

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Activity Score 18

I think the concept is awesome! Really simple minded and certainly catches your attention. I also think the art direction is fantastic. It keeps in the tone of the simplicity of the concept.

Amazing work guys, well done!

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Activity Score 90

nice idea but execution and art kinda let t down. u need a lot of time to get the perspective. It could have been executed witout the lipstick....