Don’t yield your world to the strong!

Advertising School: European school of design, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director: Ralph Thamm
Idea / Art / Photography: Stefan Mildner
Copywriter: Thomas Grabinger
Other additional credits: Danilo Dick Farah, Michael Poliza, Thom Hogan, Richard Stead, Luke Gamson

September 2008


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it looks great (student work!), but I'm not sure about the message. I mean – what can I do not to give this world to the strong ones? Donating the Ministry? Paying taxes?
by the way – I LOVE logo's of German Ministries.

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it's just telling you to go to the website where you get informations about how to react in certain stiuations.

i don't like this animal analogy. it's a very cryptic way of saying something that needs to be much more in-your-face. a campaign for more civil-courage should be easyly understood by as many people as possible. this is too sophisticated in my opinion.

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v good art direction..

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Hey, stop and think for a moment. What's the point of ads? It's definitely not good art. Or copy. (They're good to have, but not an end in themselves. Too many of us get carruied away with craft, even when the message is weak).

See my post below for my views on why there is no message here.

SeanMartin's picture

While the overall ad is stunning, the Photoshop work in this one is barely more than adequate, even for student work. The tones arent even talking to each other, and a few more minutes in the image adjustments would have corrected that. As for the copy line, this is yet another case where we should just see the original language, not a Babelfish translation. I have no idea what this means.

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Really nice art direction... and I guess wordnerd is right! its a bit cryptic for a message on civil courage

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The parallel to the animal kingdom just doesn't work. There's no injustice in a lion or cheetah killing prey. They are not a symbol of wrong or evil.

Besides it's one-dimensional. It's all about strong v/s weak. What about civil courage in the face of earthquakes and floods?

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good ad. good lighting and colour. but hey, ad stands without ads.

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