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I don't get it.

Is that guy supposed to be the Virus? Then why does his nametag say he's a download dealer? And how do I not have to worry about him anymore? He looks pretty menacing to me.

I'm a question mark.

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and if he's the virus, why is he wearing the mask? he can't make himself sick from himself.

the virus is the threat, he only needs a mask if an anti-virus as at work...

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Alright, so the mask means that link DSL makes viruses less vulnerable to Anti-Virus-Programs. Now there's a benefit!

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ya its true!!! if hes a Virus why the name tag is Download dealer??!!!!

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andrej dwin
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good eye, guys.
but the answer is pretty simple. when they were translating the ad into English to put it here, they've forgotten to change the tag from the previous ad.
you know, there ARE countries that don't have English as mother tongue. strange as that sounds...

AdArena: Sex Sells

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I didn't get why I don't need to worry anymore. Anyone?
BTW really nice photos.

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Frits Harkema
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A lot more things to worry about in print.

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wierd ad, weak idea.

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These people are inside the computer world that is why one guy is wearing a musk. Look at the roof.

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Googoo jajaja

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so the viruses allways have arab names...

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Ridiculous, and not in a good way.

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Maybe he's not the virus, maybe he's the pc user and he's wearing a mask because he is protected in a virused environment. Quite tricky actually, it's the only logical explanation I can come with.

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