Limppano: Dirty Mind, Lust

It just won’t clean the dirt within.

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Felipe Rodrigues
Art Directors: Felipe Gomes, Thiago Di Gregório
Copywriters: Otto Pajunk, Daniel Japa, Felipe Rodrigues
Account Director: Gustavo Oliveira
Illustrator: Estúdio Ícone

December 2012


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This has been done to death.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Indeed, and the slogan also leaves a bad taste behind - 'just' isn't the right word really - though this might be due translation. Amazing art, poor visual idea.

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amazing...brazil rocks...

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I think it's the same angle, but you can't even begin to compare the two ideas. Not to mention the executions...

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Love the idea. Awesome art and nice copy. Congrats

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Absolutely brilliant.

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Kind of freaks me out a bit, but, I can see why people like it. Definitely looks like a piece from Brazil. Looks great. Cheers.

- ArzuBusiness

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And I love the honesty of these guys...I just hope that none of them is married! lol

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wow, i never ever knew that men have dirt minds
this is realy new for me, a fresh aproach indeed

artwork ROCKS
idea just ok
and argument is a HUGE cliche

common example of work that was save by the production (artwork in this case)
and the angle it is the same of that link from Eduquadra, i have a guess: they saw that one before and WOW, I HAVE AN IDEA.

this is why: we are too much inspired by ourselves

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Master Piece!

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I love how these went from three stars yesterday to nine stars today. And how other ads posted at the same time have four or five votes, while these have 40. Looks like someone has been creating fake accounts to vote on their own work.

Also, they're still a ripoff of previous campaigns.

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Awesome art.

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Cacilds, its great!

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I like it at all.
Clever ad with good copy/art ;)

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nice creative ad and color idea also good

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my mind bursts
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I don,'t see how it appeals to an audience that would buy the product.

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