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Same ad.
Are we sure there isn't chinese words/meaning in the car lights?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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poor ad&cw, there is no copy why put copywriter. give me a z4 i may say nice! fack it.

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Copywriter do not only write copy. They are part of the conceptualization.

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right, ivan. and i can't believe someone asked that.
it's ok as an internal joke, but helloooo... copywriter and artist conceptualize together, at least where i come from.

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the first one is more powerfull than this one...

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would be ok if the light was adding some idea to the image like writing something.

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This is awful. It looks so cheap, the whole thing sux. I don't believe it's a real ad for BMW.

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know what, i happen to like these.

i think everyone recognizes this kind of photo (lights appear as "lines" because of the speed), but i've never seen the idea put that way.
the car went down te mountain, making curves, went back and forth, passed through us, and the lights (lines) are still up there in the mountain and all the way down. which means SPEED.

only thing, i really don't see the need to actually show the car, maybe working in the logo (the actual BMW logo) would be enough. I think it would be cooler that way. Anyway the car is there, we couldn't see it because it's FAST but it was there. :)

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this lightning style was used by nike and another clients also (yes, people, to show speed). In the nike we see how some runner see the light of the cars and streets when he run so fast....

done and: do not show us nothing about the real benefit of coupe.
speed is not the best diferential (is that the word?) of that kind of BMW.
BMW Z4 coupe have power, but was not created for speed, was created for show and make consumers feel style, beauty, class...
can i be wrong? oh, yes, that make world so good.

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right, sold, i see your point, but i think the ads you describe up there, use the same visual resource in a different way.
the fact that someone used light trails before does not mean that resource is banned from advertising for ever.
it's just a matter of finding different ways to use that resource to communicate a message.
in this case i think it was accomplished, but as you say, we could all be wrong.
if you have links to the ads you think were ripped off it would be a good idea to post them so we can all see what you mean.