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Please .... no....no.... we had enough Melamine here!!!


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que choto

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a little more consistency between the copy and the communication in the art would not be bad for this campaign.

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So abused and overused. I wish I could give this 0 stars.

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Anyone like this campaign? I don´t by the way

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very ordinary.

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Roger Keynes
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Enough with the fluid = something effect!

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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looks cliche to me


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i like this campaign coz it had strongly pissed you off! so the milk really makes you stronger ;)

| Everartz |

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okay dellsheng here is some constructive criticism for you: you say that you want to showcase your finishing work talents? In this execution you should concentrate more on the curve of the back to make it look more realistic. Are you just using the burn tool? If you worked more on the shading it would look like it is flowing much more, I think the legs look pretty good, but once it gets to the back it is lost and jumbled. Also be careful of the straight edges, it looks like you selected and cut out, try to make it look more soft and flowing (like actual milk). Yes the idea has been over worked on food, drinks, and on many different products before (like everyone has said), but almost everything has done before, so make the execution exceptional.

Good luck, I hope all goes well!

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thank u for all u guy's comments.

I don't want to explain anything about the copy,'cause I know as a AD student,I should know what's happenning in advertising,even I didn't mean to copy,but i have to admit that this is a copy.

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Holly Mother of God, this is the donest concept ever.

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