Lifetime Health / Evening Primrose Oil: Holiday

For a less turbulent time of the month.

Advertising Agency: Ward 6, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Grant Foster
Art Directors: Hamish Grieve
Copywriter: Hamish Grieve
Published: July 2008

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.nl's picture
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Is this ad about tampons!?

Andal's picture
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I'm afraid so.
The tents are badly shoped.
Idea meh, 4/10.

It's so easy to critic.

Texnartist's picture
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Fun idea but fell apart in the execution.

I like the camping idea the best out of the three presented.

I would have made a bigger emphasis on keeping all the other
tents farther away from the bad apple and I would have showed
other people having fun at the edges of the picture -
far away from the bad apple.

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••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

AD1014's picture
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wow. that's some bad photomoshop!

leaking bucket.'s picture
leaking bucket.
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This is not for tampons, this is for herbal capsules:

I personally think that besides the horrific Art Direction and retouching (if there even is any), this is clearly an ad made by men for men. Even as a guy, I can see that there is no ways this will resonate with their target audience, if anything it will probably drive women away from this brand.

Texnartist's picture
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I think that woman who suffer from a PMS and who are aware that they are hell on wheels during this time generally want to be relieved of their symptoms. Most woman that I know have a sense of humor about it. This ad would speak to woman who were interested in outdoor activities and it would do it so in a tone that wasn't preachy.

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••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

leaking bucket.'s picture
leaking bucket.
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Sorry, Don't buy that.

There moodiness is usually directly related to other symptoms (cramping, bloating etc.) And if you look at the overall campaign, they are not just talking to outdoorsy women, they are trying to appeal to ALL women.

A direction of "Empathy within an exaggerated reality" would be a better way to go (and this could still include humor). This idea will NEVER work for the brand.

But that's my humble opinion ;)

philippertl's picture
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They guys in America suffering from the hurricane will be happy to see that ...

STRTLRS's picture
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Bad typography, bad photoshop, bad idea. A disaster indeed.

I think, therefore... yeah.

onestepahead's picture
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this campaign (if you can call it one)is an eyesore... please take it off before it hurts somebody

skeMaMen's picture
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It's like a video game... and now, those hiding little people down there are waiting for a attack!

>>> Designed to be signed...

Wordnerd's picture
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why does this looks like ass? but then again the idea is so crappy the art director was right not to waste time on that

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