Life Transplant Foundation: Fat guy and miss

You never know who ends up giving, and who ends up receiving.
Organ donation
We're all ready to benefit, but would you be ready to give ?
In 2011, more than 16 371 patients were on the waiting list for only 1572 donors.
To receive, you have to give.
Life Transplant Foundation

Advertising Agency: Change, France
Creative Director: Hugues Pinguet
Art Director: Jeremy Ayad
Copywriter: Arnaud Lebacquer
Photographer: Geoffroy de Boismenu
Art buyer: Marie-Caroline Hiele
Retouching: Marco Giani, François Brochenin / Janvier

November 2012


pierrelastname's picture
2869 pencils

very bad, sorry guys.

mercedes's picture
181 pencils

Change the agency

drunk dave's picture
drunk dave
1066 pencils

you're obviously a student who doesn't see the potential in the idea. this is great opportunity to create that conflict of interest, but the execution has let it down.

beau_design's picture
62 pencils

This campaign is a total disaster. The idea is absolutely shitty, the characters are all clichés and the retoucher should clearly look for another job.

helvet.lang's picture
86 pencils

there's no insight here... What's the "consumer" benefit when seing that ?

the ad which wasn't there

Marcupolo's picture
206 pencils

poor concept, poor art, poor campaign. Sorry.

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