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Whoever's translating should be shooted!

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me thinks
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I think the other two are okay..but this one's got some problem...

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Grey words. Black words. Why?

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This is a punchline from a joke. The son asks his mother: -Mom, why you and dad are white, and I'm black?
And the mother's answer is the copy of this ad, or better said: -Son, thinking of the party it was when you were conceived, be grateful that you don't bark. Not a better translation this one, but i hope you'll understand at least the meaning of the copy. Btw, the ad is totally wrong, because it needs to pe explained and put into a specific context

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"Son, it was hell of a party" - shouldn't that read, "Son, it was a hell of ..."? Just wondering. Next question: IS the mother admitting to her son that inher more youthful days that she was a slut who slept around with different men AND dogs???

I don't like this campaign.

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Whoever's translating should be shooted! - And this sounds grammatically correct to you???

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And think of the concept, not the translation to a language that is not intended for...

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