Librería Técnica: Da Vinci

The Da Vinci Code and The Italian Renascence's Culture. In case you want to learn more than what Tom Hanks showed you in his film.
Specialization in professional and technical books: Art. Architecture. Design. Business and Marketing. Economics. Law. Medicine. Engineering. Computer. Physics. Chemistry.

Advertising Agency: Emmpathy/Communion, Rosario, Argentina
Creative Director: Javier Birollo Sosa
Art Directors: Marcelo policardo, Juan Manuel Pauletti, Julián Martin
Copywriters: Juan Carlos, Javier Bossi


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andrej dwin
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I would like it if:
a) the book store sold also fiction books
b) the combinations would work smoother
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

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Juan Carlos Jav...
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The bookstore sells fiction books and technical books.
If you look under Librería Técnica says Best sellers & Less Sellers. In allusion to both kinds of books they sell.

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RE: b) - The Da Vinci Code isn't fiction? :)

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It looks like they were on to something good here and the deadline arrived before they could try a few more art direction excercises.
I find the copywriting weak, or maybe it's just the translation.
But, in general, it gives me the feeling of being a work in process.

And yes, andrej dwin is right, apparently the bookshop does NOT sell fiction books, since it specializes on technical stuff, so what the hell is The DaVinci Code doing in the ad?

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I agree. nice concept, very weak copy. the 'in case' style of copy is too limiting. these can be better.

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i like the slogan better than the ads: best sellers and less sellers.
according to that, maybe they do sell fiction after all.
anyway agree with rocketman, the concept is not bad, but looks like in process.
and they would sure get somewhere.

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Juan Carlos Jav...
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Thanks all for posting. We appreciate yours opinions.

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Nice idea, bad copy. But! Lost in translation is still a valid argument.

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This campaign is so cool! Love the connections and the attempt to publicize the lesser known or interesting categories!

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