Librería Técnica: Clone

The Dancer and the Clone and Genetic Engineering and Genetic Transfer. In case you have any doubt about the cloning part.
Specialization in professional and technical books: Art. Architecture. Design. Business and Marketing. Economics. Law. Medicine. Engineering. Computer. Physics. Chemistry.

Advertising Agency: Emmpathy/Communion, Rosario, Argentina
Creative Director: Javier Birollo Sosa
Art Directors: Marcelo policardo, Juan Manuel Pauletti, Julián Martin
Copywriters: Juan Carlos, Javier Bossi


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what is this???

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I think it's a print ad... not sure though...

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Juan Carlos Jav...
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You are right!!! It’s a print ad! Bravo, thanks for clarifying the doubt of our previous friend

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i like the concept, and almost like the lines, dont like the art.

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but can someone explain?

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This is absolutely fabulous!! The connection between the 2 books, hilarious! Love it!

Cognito Ergo Sum

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