Libreria Norma: The Little Prince

The Little Prince
has been printed more than 143 million times.
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Advertising Agency: DDB, Bogota, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer: Rodrigo Bolívar
Executive Creative Director: Rodrigo Dávila
Creative Directors: Juan Carlos Palma, Juan Carlos Espitia
Copywriter: Juan Alvarado
Art Director: Mario Siabatto
Illustrators: Ciro Starling, Gian Carlo Pirilli, Mario Siabatto
Producer: Isabel Páez
Accounts: Luisa Giraldo, Isabel Serna, Hamilton Peña

April, 2013


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very good visual. but very, very wrong idea: environment is no argument for buying ebooks. not for the customer and not for the environment itself, which is much more affected by electricity and electrical waste e.g. from ebook-readers.

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Yes, but when you think of it, one e-book can replace 1000 books.

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yeah, i thought of that.

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Ramat Ajala
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Fantastic campiagn. Winner!

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Trees can be replanted, but plastic is very hard to disappear.
Green image, good ad.
But I don't think some of the modern things are better than tradition.

Life itself doesn't have meaning, which should be created by ourselves.

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