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Not bad, but the paper looks from the 60's, as well as the product shot.

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on the contrary: VERY bad. I don't even understand what the product benefit is. bad AD as well.

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Not bad

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Bad layout , bad stale news

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again... a forwarded 'funny' drawing becomes an ad by merely adding the logo.

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What's the product? A non-alcoholic drink? I don't it. He's angry with his complicated math and he should vent his anger with a non-alcoholic drink? And he should kill himself while he's at it? Or he is he "killing" the math problem which causes him so much stress.

Sorry. Scracthing my head on this one.

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Maybe better off as fish market wrapper.

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Maybe its a cerebral medicine.

No hay tiempo to lose!

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He is frustrated to the point of killing himself and the drink will help chill him out? Not a bad idea if that is what the drink is intended to do but the background paper looks dirty and makes me thirst for a clean place to rest my eyes...

It is a bit stressfull and this little tiny 3% bottle of something is going to save me from 97% of the ad.

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not sure what the product is .. then again ... if someone oversea sees a redbull ad they would have a hard time figure'n out what it does anways. the idea is not bad ... paper looking to0 old, but please don't ever relate killing oneself with any form of drink product ... could have negative effect ...

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its an energy drink to keep you up on late night study sessions. kinda like red bull. im assuming its a full page newspaper ad thats why the image is small. if it is then the bottle is about the same size.

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the product is the medcine can make u wiser

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to me these are ads thats trying too hard and trying to be smart..
set up is poor...
poor setup will lead to weak idea...
why the yellowish paper?? just because others is using it and he likes the effect??

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