Cool Down Quickly, Grandpa

May 2010
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Cool down quickly
LG TS-H2428 Air Conditioner with Jet Cool Technology

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam New York, USA
Global Executive Creative Director: Tony Granger
Executive Creative Directors: Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal
Global Creative Director: Darren Moran
Associate Creative Directors: Menno Kluin, Graeme Hall
Art Director: Michael Schachtner
Copywriter: Julia Neumann
Global Account Director: Mike Acken
Account Executives: Michael Wong, Paula Ventura, Sabine Haemmerle
Art Buyer: Maggy Lynch-Hartley
Photographer / Designer: Dimitri Daniloff
Set Designer: Herve Sauvage
Hair and Make-up Artist: Corinne Gues
Post Production: Sparklink
Agency Digital Artist: Raul Pardo

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I say these silly things because Granger is notorious for doing Scam ads. Even for his legitimate clients. It's very, very well known, especially in the NYC ad community. He calls on his Junior teams to come up with ideas. Any ideas. He tries to see if he can make an actual "ad" out of it. Then he gets his producers to try and get them produced for free (or cheaply), and then he "sells" them to the clients. If one of his REAL clients won't buy/run it, they'll re-brand the ad and try and find another client to run it.

And by "run it" I obviously mean once, in the middle of the night, in Malaysia. And then they'll enter it into Award shows. And voila!

Call me crazy, but in my opinion, that's cheating.

In fact, he got busted for it w/ JC Penny. And it was a pretty big scandal. But no matter. He had already left, and the poor production company got left holding the bag. And Granger got to keep the awards.

Look. This may well be a "legit" effort for LG. Meaning: LG had a cool new Air Conditioner that they wanted print ads for (spreads, no less). And this idea came out of the brief, made it through the internal machine, was presented to the client, sold, and produced. Etc.

But you know the saying "fool me once..."? Well, Tony Granger has "fooled" us about a thousand times. And excuse the hell out of me for assuming this campaign is just the latest in his long string of deceptive, self-serving stunts.

Honestly, I hope it's not.

Regardless... I still don't think it's nearly as good as the Scam Tide work he did at S&S :P


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