LG Micro audio: Shoe

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Colombia
Creative Director: Cruz Mujica
Art Director / Illustrator: Gustavo Mantilla
Copywriter: Jorge Villarreal
Photographer: Danilo Perdomo
Producer: Andrés Mejía


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what's inside that shoe? i really have no idea, i was thiking, but... no clue! what do we have in our shoes?

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the LG micro audio of course

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recharge your shoes


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i think its for the foot that tap during music playing, the sound is so dynamic it reaches inside the shoe to make the feet tap.

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tamer samy
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maybe if it was behind the chair leg will looks better !

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Yes really bad execution of even worst concept

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Hey guys! Micro hifi! You can put it in any little place!!!
But ok with you, it's not good.
At LG, they did their best to do a nice product, and the ad agency hide it!
By the way, the sound in a shoe is not the best sound you can have.

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esto ni shorlist en Nova. Muy paila.

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shortlist es un piropo

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Frits Harkema
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An electric shoe! Just imagine. Great CBI.

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Marcela Cáceres
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Terrible... If you look at your ad and have to think twice whether is good or bad, don't publish it!!! (if you didn't have to think twice and actually thought it was good... now I don't know what is worst...)

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Awful! Their work really sucks.

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Really bad. Sad.

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Mejor si hacían la foto, en vez de ponerse a hacer el montaje elemento por elemento. Igual, no era una foto dificil de tomar.

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No se entiende nada

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