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Hehe, that translation it's wrong ivan. It's more like "DEFINITION LIKE YOU NEVER SEEN BEFORE" or "GREATEST DEFINITION EVER"... and the text it's a giant definition describing the picture shown on the tv.

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Thank you!

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Hmmm, I saw a similar campaign for Kodak, made by Garnier BBDO (Costa Rica), some three years ago, by that time I thought it was clever, but now...

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I agree. Doesn´t matter the translation, the concept like to play with words.. and the image.. and try to link them is really old.
first idea.. next..

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great work, simple, clever and clear. great ad

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Very nice ads, smart, direct, great art direction.

Cornelio, the best.

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good idea, but the copy is boring. not so much a definition, but a depiction of what we see in the picture. would be better if the copywriter would've taken on the task of defining the character of Forrest Gump in an unusual way, since the accurate translation of the headline is A DEFINITION NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

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It's not the way you define forest what makes it unique, it's the size of the definition what makes it unique.. it's like "A GREAT DEFINITION". I think you're taking the tagline too literal rocketman.

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