LG: Football

Don't lose your contacts. Mobile Data Backup. LG

Advertising Agency: Grey Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: David Sin
Copywriters: Sagar Paranjpe, EuJin Foong
Art Directors: Leong Kit Sze, David HK Tan
Photographer: Loh Lin Shan

May, 2010


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Hmmmmmm a bit difficult to make a connection.. but nice graphic design

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not bad...

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Man these are bad. I think you guys can do better. it takes 2 teams to do this huh? ...Amazing! (its sarcasm if you haven't caught it.)

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Wow this i could totally see myself related to! Great insight, well applied. I really like it and reminds me of all the people ive lost contact with (kinda the point i know that :) ! ) Very very nice!

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I like it. The background is unnecessary though, the photo alone would have done the job.

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the communication is crytal clear but the visual rendition failed to lift it up. justice is denied to the idea.

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Something no right. The ad saying that using the New LG Data Back Up so that your contacts will not lose.

Were there any handphones in the market during the time, as shown in the old photo??? Or even the colour handphones with MMS???

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Yep, good point.

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It's does not mean that the New LG Data Back Up is used during the old time. What this ad wanna convey is using the New LG Back Up so that you won't lost the contacts of your childhood/old friend. As the visual shows, losing the contact of your old friend is like the disappearance of your friend in your old photo. Your questions just not applicable with whether there are mobile phone or not in that era,

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