LG: Elephant

No clothesline. No shame.
New LG washer/dryer.

Advertising Agency: Revolution Brasil
Creative Directors: Emerson Braga, Edson Rosa
Art Director: Edson Rosa
Copywriters: Emerson Braga, Hayre Borges
Illustrators: Edson Rosa, Leonardo Pinho
Additional credits: Carlos Pereira, Renata Matos, Vitor Barros, Flavio Fernandez, Melina Romariz, Mylene Alves, Clarissa Mattos, Caio Batista, Joaquim Sousa

April 2013


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who hangs plastic puppets on the clothesline? nevertheless a weak insight. only a fun ad, which is in my opinion not suitable for most home appliance.

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Additional Credit: Hayre Borges / Copywriter


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Scam. Of the worst kind.

See that little URL in the top left hand corner? It's for an electrical retailer that just happens to sell LG products.

So they don't have the business, but they did approach an electrical retailer.

Good luck at Cannes dickheads!

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