LG: A new curved sensational discovery

stepped forward, gave us new perspectives and changed the world forever.
Now it's time to change perspectives again. Our new, curved LG OLED-TV will give you
a greater sense of realism and depth. A new perspective on TV as we know it.
When it's all possible, life's good.

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi Stockholm, Sweden


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NY Belfry
1045 pencils

Not sure about this.

wizball1987's picture
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Flat earth = flat panel display
Round earth = curved panel display

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NY Belfry
1045 pencils

No, I get it, I was just unsure if it works.

macpics's picture
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I think it's over-aimed...we talked about earth....EARTH not just a tiny detail of screen....

kleenex's picture
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I say the TV idea is a gimmick. MAYBE it works when the TV is over 100 inches in size.

wizball1987's picture
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The OLED TV is huge, trust me!

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So so...

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Decent ad. I'm guessing that the client wanted the red circle with the bland copy though. It's not adding anything, quite the opposite actually.

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The concept is very well developed. I like it, I am not sure about the Art Direction, but it worth because of the concept.

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Great idea man!

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i think copy is normal art direction is bed and nice concept

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