Lexus: Someday I will

Advertising Agency: Denstu, Canada
Executive Creative Directors: Glen Hunt, Bill Parker
Creative Director: Glen Hunt
Copywriters: Bill Parker, Matt Williamson, Glen Hunt
Art Director: Boris Matas
Photographers: Nadav Kander, Stockland Martel
Production Manager: Gary Hutchinson
Typographer: Tom Cochrane
Account Supervisor: Scott Morden

March, 2007


Shut Theory's picture
Shut Theory
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SHIT this is a good campaign, u dont have to read the lines u just KNOW its good... i like the nagging (sustainable) kind of campaigns rather than the overwhelming and shocking

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this one is much nicer....'s picture
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Thiago Aranha's picture
Thiago Aranha
121 pencils

You don't need words to say it all... perfect..

sbr's picture
143 pencils

Oh God, it just gets better and better.

ellehcimeo's picture
3516 pencils

Lovely sentiments, very aspirational. On the verge of becoming a parody of itself, but stays behind the line.
*wipes a lone tear from my eye*
I want a Lexus.

B128's picture
392 pencils

I can't get enough of these.
(Btw I love the Lexus logo and type. Absolutely beautiful)

Rog's picture
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The other two I looked at are the same-old, same-old 'break free', pissing in your pocket fluffery.
This one, however... nails it.

"It's Mabo. It's land rights. It's the VIBE, your honour!"

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

hang-the-dj's picture
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Am I the only one here who thinks this is toss? The whole campaign. Cliched toss.

Rog's picture
6082 pencils


"It's Mabo. It's land rights. It's the VIBE, your honour!"

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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