Levi's: Stamp

Agency Associate Producer Juliana Montgomery

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors: Danielle Flagg, Tyler Whisnand
Copywriters: Julia Oh, Rudy Adler
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Agency Producer: Jeff Selis

September 2009


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Very nicely written.

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Um, no. Overwritten.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Ugh, I hate when apparel brands wax philosophical about current events or social issues. It's so shallow and see-through and they only do it in hopes of appealing to younger audiences who they assume are all idealistic hippies. Just shut up and sell some pants. This particular ad, although very well written indeed, just sounds so self-righteous and preachy.

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I don't like the copy one bit. For a claim like that, copy should have been written in such a way that it gives me goose bumps, makes me want to jump up and say "Yes! I will!". It's so boring and so cliched (darkness before dawn and all). It just seems like somebody googled "quotes" and wrote them randomly. And to think it's from W+K...


Not all who wander are lost.

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"I am the new Amwrican pio... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...."

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i dislike the whole campaign. to me, it's entirely conceived, imagined and written by head, not by guts. namely, the opposite of last wrangler we-are-animals campaign.

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I don´t know...

tyler, it´s you??????????????????????

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why Wieden credits the original copywriter: Walt Withman?

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Honest Dave
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Yeah, Walt Whitman wrote the copy over a hundred years ago, why is his name not in the credits???

sidenote* (laughing at the guy who thinks Al Sharpton is commenting on AOTW)

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and someone really thinks i'm gonna read all that? after the 10 previous badly written badly art directed shameful ads? levi's get another agency before you go chapter 11. that will be patriotic

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