Levi's: Live unbuttoned, 3

Advertising Agency: Fisheye, India
Creative Director / Copywriter: Robbie
Art Director: Prem Shanker
Photographer: Tejal Patni
Published: April 2009


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Disco Munky
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What on earth?? Doing any of these activities with unbuttoned jeans is only going to lead to a pants-less situation. Even using the word metaphorically is wrong, because Unbuttoned comes across like Unstable or Crazy. Not great selling points. $100 says that this never ran.

Doin' it for the points

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nice AD. where is the IDea?????

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Disco Monkey. How do i collect your USD 100? This one ran in India a looooooot in outdoor billboard space. in fact the model in the piscture is a movie superstar and he was arrested for 'onscenity' for publicly unbuttoning his levi's in a fashion show.

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Disco Munky
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Just send me your bank details and I'll sort you out. Honest.

Doin' it for the points

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fisheye, do u really think u can sell it? u should have done better than this.
akshay is not fit for this jeans. u should have taken some young model to do it. anyone who knows akshay knows the fact that a hell lot of retouch has gone into this ad to make akshay's fig look like this. its presenting akshay in a so unrealistic way...


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if the man on the ad is indian & only indians knows him, the agency from india too, so the ad for indians ppl......so why all the background pictures not from india ??!! its weird

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i second that

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hmm ... that reminds me ... the guy in the ad, akshay kumar, got into a spot a few weeks ago, because people objected to him getting got his pant's zip and button opened (though by his wife) in front of a huge crowd. no offence, but i dont see the point of this ad. that's why i can only call the stuff being advertised here "pants" and not "jeans".

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Quite a sad attempt. The first thing that hits you is how fake it looks, the guy does not look like that in reality. There's a difference between exaggeration and absurdity. Second, this campaign only ran in India for a long time because the other one was of a hot chick (actress Kangana Ranaut) wearing hardly anything, doing the same shit as this idiot on a skyscraper in New York City apparently (for some strange reason). No real meaning, wannabe impactful, catering to masses that won't look beyond the "sexy" imagery.

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I'm sorry, but I once heard that if you don't have anything nice to say, then it's better to say nothing at all. Which is why I'll remain silent about this campaign.

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I like the Superhero comic feel given to the ad.
And with Akshay Kumar, it sure catches your eye.

'Live unbuttoned' is not quite clear as to whether it's just a line or there is some story to it.

That's the whole point nowadays. The ads catch your eye for a second and that's about it.

I would have loved to work in the days of David Ogilvy's time of advertising.
The strategy, concept, selling point (whatever you call it) came from the product itself.

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im not promising a good comment on this one. but i will pretend that this ad was never made. and levi's got to be more serious auditioning good and suitable candidate. i dont think i have ever seen akshay kumar with a body like this..ever. good execution though, credits to digital photography.

You Fail If You Want To Fail.

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Its really a bad part of Indian Advertising, they always select celebrities as there brand ambassador and they just fought to bring a idea in there ads. Come on guys... just think. instead of just shooting a pic.

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