Levi's: Dad

Originals never fit.

Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK
Creatives: Simon Veksner, Nick Allsop
Photographer: Joseph Rodriguez

March 2008


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Crisp One
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and original ideas actually make sense.

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ok, looking at the whole campaign the insight becomes more clear. the cheerleader ad is hard to get

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excellent campaign. Good benefit, good insight, simple and intelligent. I like that.

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Intelligent?? ok, then explain it to me.

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Ok, so this has obviously generated a lot of controversy. I guess that after you go through all the executions it starts to make some sense. The problem is that this is advertising for creatives. Only we that see the work here or at annuals will ever get to see the campaign altogether. People out there will never have the chance to see them all, it'll be one at a time, and three seconds flipping through a magazine. That is a very common problem today, creatives end up talking to themselves and forget that people, not writers and art directors, but people who don't know shit about advertising, and don't even care, are the ones who should get the ad.

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2nd that...

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That's the spirit! I agree...!

Design with no knowledge about printing, it's not design!

>>> Designed to be signed...

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this was done for 60's or 70's of 20th century?
once again: there is no preconception against jeans or against people that use jeans on 21th century.
an i am from the third world... imagine UK...

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Someone please explain :(

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The man is wearing levis and they make him feel full of power. They really fit, originals don't.
If you didn't get that then you must be a bozo!

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