Levi's: Cheerleaders

Originals never fit.

Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK
Creatives: Simon Veksner, Nick Allsop
Photographer: Joseph Rodriguez


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john doe
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don't get it. can someone explain please?

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Mr Hughes
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It's a play on the line 'never fit'. The protagonist (the wearer) doesn't fit, and never has fitted, into society. He/She is a rebel and therefore rather cool. So - wear these jeans and you'll be a blah, blah. blah.

I quite like it though. Sort of.

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john doe
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thanks! guess you're right.
though this is not very much of an idea. especially for bbh.

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the only thing i got here is that all the shots are made in an american society mean while the agency is in the UK... does that make sense?

| Everartz |

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I think the subtext here is that everything else is fake. Fake like cheerleaders and school spirit. Levi's is the original and cool. Everything else is going to get pregnant at 17, thus getting them married and become trailer trash. Once again, subtext.

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Levi's always sell themselves over here as intrinsically American.

Christ knows why they're persisting, what with the love the world has for all things American, but hey... it's their strategy.

There's another one with two fat cops sneering out of a car window at you. It's a big crosstrack on the Underground and it freaks the bejesus out of me every morning.

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like wondebra
anyway it's a cool campaign

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Nice campaing. Resuming, who wears Levi's never fit to the society, like Mr Hughes said, making peaple jealous, stonished and whatelse. Fine and objective.

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they do it for awards not to sells...
and fail.

this kind of speech "jeans is rebel, society dont fit jeans" is old.
today even a 50, 60 or more years old person use jeans...
there is not preconception against jeans anymore, and this finished a long time ago.

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smart thinking

it fits :)

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BULLSHIT BBH. lazy ass creative team pulling shit out from 1996.


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Well an ad does not always mean something different.

One can develope a theme either regular or out of box, but aim shud always be of sailing a product.

Here it breaks the link of converting a viewer into a buyer.

Good luck for future assignments.

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Original never fits = different people never fits on society.

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Save the Cheerleader - save the world. Everyone knows that.

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pocko people
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Enjoyed the whole campaign, photographs are definitely captivating.

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