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looks like it was art directed by a copywriter. and vice versa.

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this line is so bad, i cant even write down how bad i think it is...its like, beyond bad...are they trying to be funny?..cute?..smart?...awful..

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i think the line is great. very on point.

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this copy is not that impressive like the other two.

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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i wish i viewed it in thumdnail only...

| Everartz |

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Have Heart
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I really like the first line. The other two are horrible.

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I really like the copy. Amazing thought.

Actually, I agree with what is said. They don't want it to be cute, smart, funny or awful, they are just showing us another perspective, a different point of view. If you think deeply about it, it's also ok to laugh when somebody is dying.


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Guest star

the guy on the picture's the one who's dying, right?

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They're saying it's okay to feel other emotions, not just grief.

The concept is strong, the art could be better.

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do people not get that the point here is that when someone is dying, they might actually want to laugh? they might not want to spend their last days alone and depressed? this seems like such a nice message that it's hard for me to understand the criticism. you can argue whether the execution is the best, but i don't think the central idea is one people should have an issue with.

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uhmm i dont think its ok no its not

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very nice Campain. Who can tell me what is the name of the photographer?

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