Levi Strauss Roadwear: Bonfire

I am strong enough to weather any storm. Bring on the great unknown.
Levi's Roadwear
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Advertising Agency: BBH, Singapore
Creative Director: Steve Elrick
Photographer: Ben Sullivan
Copywriter: Douglas Hamilton
Art Director: Adrian Chan
Designer: Tomaz Goh
Producer: D'or Tey
Production company: Minnow 11/RP Represents
Digital Copy: Douglas Hamilton
Illustrator: Kristal Melson
Producer: Amy Wong
Production company: Abant Works
Product Photography: Sam Tan
Videographer: Jeycob Carlson
Post-Production: Freeflow
Account Management: Frances Great, Neil Small, Joanna Yeo, Midori Watanabe
Planning / Engagement Planning: Ayesha Walawalkar


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3451 pencils


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agree and no need to add some mystery bs on a jean brand..

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ahhhh what??

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Despite the other comments, ads like this really appeal to people my age... Which is obviously the target audience of these Levi Ads. I dig it. And I know plenty of other people that would to.

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Kind of threading close to Dickie's 874 campaign. I know they aren't as established as Levis in Singapore but for someone who does know both brands it kinda makes me want to get a pair of Dickies more


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