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nice gaijin
Activity Score 815

because movies are so much more environmentally friendly to produce?

I get it, and I don't like it at all.

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Activity Score 968

Print ads cost tress too.

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Activity Score 1146

so the script will be written in the sand?

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James Dean
Activity Score 18

I dislike all the ads in this series. They don't make enough sense, the one that does is just stupid.

Anne's picture
Activity Score 508

Please, do not minimize the importance of books.

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Activity Score 142

Single dimensional thinking... The team has not thought beyond the paper and the trees... Film productions cause so much damage to the environment... Will they come up with another idea for that?...

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Margaret Gay
Activity Score 144

What the hell is that? That advert needs to be burnt...

sold's picture
Activity Score 3305

this is really bullshit!!
very bad strategy!

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Activity Score 34

Deplorable strategy, lousy art direction. Kill 'em.

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Activity Score 685

Kill em all.(Sabu&satheesh too).Let God sort em out.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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Activity Score 16

dont like. very dull indeed