Leukotape K: Basketball

Back in the game.

Advertising Agency: G2 hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Birgit Hogrefe, Christoph Knoebel
Art Director: Claudia Sackmann
Copywriter: Sebastian Merget
Post production: JULIA X GREGOR
Photographer: Felix Matthies

September 2008


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So Awesome!

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i hate these agency's comments.

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A sports tape?

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Maybe it is.

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somebody in this page made this ad...

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LOL at that.

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Question: What does the tape do to get somebody back in the game?
Question: Whatever be the tape's magical properties, is this the best ad they could do to demonstrate it?

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tape applied reduces loads on inflamed muscles, joins and etc. those tapes are specialy designed for that. they work as support for your body.
looks that only athletes can understand this. tehy are TG

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faked for Cannes

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Cool stuff!

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looks like penises

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Not saying they are outstanding and brilliant ads, but I got it right away. I have also heard a lot about this tape before. They use it on athletes all the time to help keep them "in the game" after being injured. It adds stability to the tendons and muscles. If you watch sports you see it all the time. Especially on basketball players/Volleyball players because their shoulders are exposed. It is a simple idea that was executed in a boring way. Not terrible, but not aweful either. I guess it would be better if they gave a context for where the ads are appearing. Hopefully in a sports magazine.

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I agree with brc912. I also got it right away. Probably because I played basketball all my jr and high-school years. For the people that don't get it you probably didn't play sports that required it.

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