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Together with the website this is really fantastic and hit me where it hurts. I wonder if anyone here knows if you really have to send in work on foam to australia, because that seems what the entry form says ( the student one ). That's a bit too crazy.

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yep. gotta send the actual work mounted on foam boards.
crazy but true.

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Pacific Blue
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The whole campaign is great,
I love the strategy and this is my favourite ad of 3

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killing the adv...

Maybe you were not awarded because you couldn't pay for enter in the competition

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sebastien guinet
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Did somebody know the photographer ?

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this remember me: what if some guy start to work on advertising with 30 years old, he could be considerer "young creative"??
i know another guy, he have 27, but work with ads since 16, so 11 years of experience...
who is 'young creative' beetwen this 2 guys?

btw, nice campaign. this ad here could be eliminated, the another 2 very much better.

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I am an Australian in Canada and must admit the campagins here are a bit plain. This one is just missing the mark with me.

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I think the photographer is Tom Feiler.

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