Letter F

Incredibly Mini. The new Mini.
F**k dead ends!

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Goetz Ulmer, Oliver Voss
Art director: Julia Ziegler
Copywriters: Baki Kiper, Dennis May, Fabian Frese, Jo Marie Farwick, Tobias Grimm, Susanne Härtwig, Max Biedermann
Photographer: Uwe Düttmann
Illustrators / Graphic artists: Javier Suarez Argueta, Simon Hiebl, Florian Zwinge, Michael Wilk, Damja Pita

January 2007


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234 pencils

i think these ads are kinda trying too hard to be slick and all with those copy..
doesnt quite work for me..

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234 pencils

to each his own i guess.. the newer posts are better though.. not all the copy feels good to me..

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