Let's play The Beatles

October 2007

For music lovers "Sound is everything" (Il suono è tutto). Based on this, Kenwood has revisited the greatest bands' logos writing them according to the sound of Italian pronunciation.

Sound is all.

Advertising Agency: Veryweb, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Luca Giorcelli
Art Director / Illustrator: Tiberio Ludovico
Copywriter: Marco Cetera

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Don't you remember "Me ears are alight"?
TDK made it.....time ago.
I'm italian too, it's nice....but already done.

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Activity Score 149

Probably because i'm italian, but i find it fantastic.

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Activity Score 286

it's jut awesome. the only minus i guess is that it doesn't say so much about the product but it is very good

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Activity Score 571

It's because you both are Italian...

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Activity Score 166

hooked on phonics italian-style. awesome. :)

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Activity Score 16

All ready done a million times

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Activity Score 1985

its been done, but in diff products/services

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Activity Score 16

If its done there is no creativity in it, so nothing to be proud of. Its even more interesting when it is done for other produts than a stereo sistem

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Abdul Marcos
Activity Score 5

If you created something that it's been done already but you weren't aware of it, then you can be as proud as the person who did it the first time. It's creativity manifestating itself through the collective subconsciouness, dummies!

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Activity Score 73

i'm italian, and i think that's one of the best campains make in italy in the last years (it's not so difficult). the only minus (for me) is that it's not exportable to the other countries, anyway the concept can be evolved for the others country too.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I also agree that this band thing is going around for ages. But I must admit it must look funny in Italian. I can Imagine it made with Greek letters for example, or Russian. The only language this campaign cannot work with is its native (English) so for Eng speakers it's hard to see the fun in it. (It's sort of like when foreign people speak English with their native accent, that can make some others laugh)

-- I can have will, but i don't want to --

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Già fatta!

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Don't you remember "Me ears are alight"?
TDK made it.....time ago.
I'm italian too, it's nice....but already done.

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molto bella la campagna, complimenti per il concetto.
una delle poche cose belle e intelligenti fatte negli ultimi mesi.

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Don't get it.