Leroy Merlin: Slippers

Some holidays in your summer works.

Advertising agency: Kuryo Paris France
Art Director: Thierry Fèvre
Copywriter: Marc Giampieri
Photographer: Paul Goirand
Publisher: July 2010


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i dont' like typography :S:S

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Phil Lestino
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A deck shoe?...crunchy biscuit base flip flop?...what is this??????

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It would help a lot if we knew what the client is about...the idea must be linked with the thing they sell..maybe they are a hardware store... don;t know...

Wisdom is fast...but I'm faster.

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juxtaposition and substitution. yippy.

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Leroy Merlin is a french "do-it-yourself store" (sorry for my translation), these ads are playing with the holiday time in France, good time to repair, build...

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