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get a master's degree, just like leonardo did...

btw: what exactly did vlad the impaler invent? impaling?

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oh yeah. i see it.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Musicians. Politicians. Sex Offenders. Bill Clinton?

It's that stupid "blender" ad that's stuck in my head... Drat!!

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I kind of like the thinking behind it, but to say that a master's degree place you at the same level of Leonardo or Churchill is quite overpromising.

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the conceptual path is right but the executtion is saying the wrong thing. A masters degree doesnt blend others diciplines with yours, it just expandes what you studied and forces you to genere an outbreaking material. this executions focuses in the blending of 3 areas, that has nothing to do with a masters degree.

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Pacific Blue
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Mhhhhmmm... I think you're right.
Didn't think about it.

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Pacific Blue
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I don't think that it will really inspire people to do their masters. I think they are good and I really like this one but just find it hard to believe they have additional enrolments from it.

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All said and done, it a very good ad.

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A fantastic ad.

It's only an ad.

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very nice

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Deserved GOLD !!! Very good ad !!!

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Michael W. Domo...

New da Vinci Invention Surfaces, Michael W. Domoretsky’s Discovery,” The Perpendicular Reverse Mirror Image” And Optical Illusion/Bending Of Light, Seems To Have Weight, Very Much Weight, On A Newly Discovered Leonardo da Vinci Invention, That Sparks New Theory’s On Encrypted Images Discovered Within Masterpieces By Domoretsky.
”Leonardo da Vinci” As usual, as is our experience, repeated time and time again, renowned art critics and professed art experts, such as Vittorio Scarbi and many others, base their opinions on accepted art world and art education precepts looking at daVinci’s works as artists not scientists or inventor. We on the other hand think you will be quite intrigued and fascinated with the reverse perpendicular mirror image process and the bending of light / optical illusion, that Leonardo was quite familiar with, invented, and more likely as we have discovered, practiced in perfecting this process within his masterpieces.
As always it is difficult to persuade experts professing established thought in any field to consider new, alternate or previously UN accepted ideas. But then the experts thought the world was flat for centuries. Links to the processes discovered.
We welcome comments by interested parties and will post appropriate.
http://www.lionardofromvinci.com 2005~2007
Advance and the Secret of the Mona Lisa, article by: ThothWeb, http://www.thothweb.com/article-4011--0-0.html Mirror image, http://www.lionardofromvinci.com/mirrorimage.html
The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and the infant St. John, mirror image, http://www.lionardofromvinci.com/Mona.htmlContact, http://www.lionardofromvinci.com/contact.html
The da Vinci Project
Managing Director, Michael W. Domoretsky
Director: M. Graham Noll

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