Lenovo: Hand

Presenting the ThinkPad X300. The lightest, thinnest ThinkPad ever.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Bangalore, India
Creative Directors: Rod Vallis, Gautam Dev
Art Director: Jeyananth Velusamy
Copywriter: Melvin Jacob John

April 2008


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It kinda yield zero reaction from me, it really is that boring.

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I disagree. It's so simple yet it says a lot. Maybe it's been done before with other "thin" products, but it works.

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excelent! i like this...

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Ed Mintone
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Macbook air? Perfect. Ops.


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good job.........

love anything creative

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It neither says light, nor thin.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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true. really way-off.

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old and boring.

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And done for diet Pepsi.

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amen jaggy. to the posters praising this work, please explain. exactly how does this ad say either light or thin? light because it's at the top of the page? so if i create an ad with mostly ground in the foreground leading up to an elephant at the horizon on the top of my page, that means that the elephant is light? try again. and how could it be thin. we don't know, the product is nowhere to be seen in the ad. want a nice way to show thin, look at apple's macbook air ad. your ad, ugh, boo.

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I felt like the blank page on top was symbolizing the product. a sheet of paper is pretty light and thin....
works alright for me.

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i know what they were TRYING to do, but it still doesn't work.

you made that connection because you were actively thinking about it. that's why you're on this site, no? so if you expect people flipping through a magazine to stop and give it the same attention you just did, and make the same connection, keep dreaming.

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i like it!

but there's something annoying me: why this rush to have the thinnest laptop? All companies are working on it and i see no utility in something so thin that if u blow it , it breaks.

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na, really dry. agree with crsh1976... yields a zero reaction. sorry ogilvy b'lore, try harder.

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idon't know... i get a mixed feeling

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