Leica: Frog

Frog. Photographed with the V-Lux 20 High Quality Zoom 12X.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brussels, Belgium
Executive Creative Directors: Alain Janssens, Paul Servaes
Art Director: Gilles de Boncourt
Copywriter: Eric Becker
Producer: Christ Lannoy
Account Director: Sebastien Desclée

December, 2010


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uh? tell me they didnt do that

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Come on. This is fucking ridiculous now Publicis. Were you going for the record for 'fastest time from first idea to publication' or was it 'watch how account can bullshit a client into paying for their own sales grave'?

Please tell me you were all on strike the lunchtime you were supposed to be working on this, and got the sandwich shop to rustle something up real quick for the client instead.

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you sound like a blast to work with.

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Thanks, "Guest," I am.

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I see you're 'freelance'. No surprises there.

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Yep, means I can share the joy without being tied to the same desk all day; thanks for noticing my unsurprising choice of going with the fun.

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Anonymous Author
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Nice hyperbole, art needs honing.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.


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I intended to use the word hyperbole as well, so I will: hyperbole in advertising, at its ugliest. Not good.

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so the zoom is great but the picture comes out flat...?!

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simplification is good, but there is a fine line where you should stop and this is far beyond..
breaking the rules is ok, but not in a way you end up showing the lames picture on the planet to sell a camera.

maaaaan "awesome zoom" is the message. and this is what you made of it?! sad

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"so much zoom that you can photograph one pixel as huge as this" is this the idea here?

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yes totally, but first thought when you see this, is all the opposite, not good.

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Theres no detail, i dont like that camera!, although i guess they mean you can zoom so much you can see the perfect color deep inside.

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Utter rubbish. Did the receptionist come up with this "idea"? And what self respecting AD would put their name to this?

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good campaign... need sm texture to exaggerate the thought.


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Is it evident how negative this campaign has turned out to be?...

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wow, a pretty useless zoom then, its only a 50000x digital one...haha

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i don't like this ad. Sorry.
I think only color is not enough, if it was texture, like Frog skin texture, orange fruit texture, pig skin texture closeup it would work better.
But just placing the color it not enough.

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ElCaza89 has it. Huge pixel is about extreme DIGITAL zoom which is completely useless. Do I want one pixel on my photo? For WTF? So wrong...

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